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3kw Solar PV System

3kw Solar System – costing £2,900

Suitable for semi-detached or terraced houses based on south facing roof your solar pv will generated approx 3200kwph each year.

With our flexible payment options you can have this 3kw system without any upfront cost subject to status. 

Your pv system will be made up of the following components.

8 x longli 365watt panels = 2.92kw

Longi 365W panel with 19.7% efficiency and a split cell design. High quality Low LID PERC cells are treated to reduce Light Induced Degradation (LID) for a better lifetime performance than standard Mono PERC.Longi Solar is one of the largest silicon producers in the world and a specialist in mono-crystalline cell and panel manufacturing.

Growatt 3kw inverter

Growatt now have over 1.5GW worth of inverters installed worldwide and were the first inverter manufacturer to be awarded A+ rating by Photon. They also boast the highest ever inverter efficiency ever achieved (99.06% with the 20000HE model) and are constantly striving to reach higher efficiencies across their product range.

Now comes with a 10 year warranty as standard.

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Owl pv intuition

Allows monitoring of the PV generation, export and overall consumption of a property with solar panels.

Intuition online dashboard gives you access wherever you go, as long as you have internet access. Android and i-Phone apps can give you access on-the-go.

No Deposit Interest free option subject to status 36 monthly payments of £100 other flexible payment options available

Financial projections

The expected system cost including VAT is £3,600. The system is expected to generate 3273 kWh per year initially, decreasing gradually as the solar cells degrade. It is anticipated that 66% of the generated power will be consumed in the property, and the remaining 34% exported. Over the 25 year term of this financial projection the total generation is expected to be 76,906 kwh, of which 50,895 kWh will be consumed on site and 26,011kWh exported. After adjusting projected costs and benefits for inflation where appropriate, and applying a discount rate of 4%, the initial system cost of £3,600 is expected to be recouped after 9 years.

Bottom line Net Present Value

The total present value of future benefits and costs, using a discount rate of 4% per year, is £8,184. The cost of the PV system is £3,600. The net present value of the project is therefore £4,584. A positive net present value is a good indication that the project is financially worthwhile.

Internal Rate of Return

The projected internal rate of return is 12.4%.

Payback Period

The table and graph below show the discounted costs for the project (including the initial capital required for the installation), against the total discounted benefits from income and savings on electricity bills. The cumulative discounted benefits become higher than the cumulative discounted costs after approximately 9 years.

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