Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels are a great way for your business to save money on energy and reduce your carbon footprint. You can also get paid for any energy you put back into the grid. Please call 01903 734817 or click here to contact us.

Commercial Applications

Commercial operations stand to gain the most from Solar PV systems as they typically use a lot of electrical appliances during business/daylight hours. Imagine not having to pay all or any of your electricity bills, energy independence with free electricity, sounds great doesn’t it?

Most commercial buildings are ideal for solar PV; with large roofs, 3 phase electricity supplies and daytime usage of electricity, commercial buildings give their owners and occupiers an unbeatable opportunity to benefit from solar PV.

For owner occupiers the benefits are compelling, but even on leased buildings it is easy to install systems that will benefit both landlord and occupier. CC SOLAR can give advice on how this is best achieved.

In March 2012, solar PV was given permitted development rights on commercial buildings so planning permission is no longer required on most buildings

  • Get paid for any electricity you put back into grid
  • Cut your electricity bills
  • Cut your carbon footprint
  • Make early progress on the road to zero carbon buildings.