Solar Roofing

If you are thinking about replacing your existing roof tiles or slates why not install our new GSE ‘in-roof’ system? Not only will your new roof look great, it will earn you some hard earned cash and reduce your electricity bills at same time.

Whilst ‘in-roof’ systems are similar to ‘on-roof’ systems, the real differences is that with ‘in-roof’ systems the panels serve a dual purpose, acting both as the roof covering and as generators of electricity. In-roof Solar PV panels replace your tiles to sit neatly within the roofline for a slimline, elegant look.

They also have the advantage that they are more aesthetically pleasing, and are a logical solution for new builds – they look smart and unobtrusive, while providing you with a very efficient level of solar energy.

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of solar PV solutions, we find that the majority of our house builder customers, whether they be one-off self-builders to the largest volume house constructors in the UK, are opting for ‘in-roof’ tiles over ‘on-roof’ systems.