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CC Solar supports the letter to the Government which urges them to add domestic energy storage to the list of materials that have 0% VAT.

The UK solar industry welcomes the recent decision to apply a zero rate of VAT on the installation of energy-saving materials in residential properties, however, the new VAT rates exclude technologies that are not installed alongside a qualifying technology, which means if you retrofit a battery storage system, your customer will still need to pay 20% VAT.

CC Solar support their letter that retrofitted battery storage is almost always installed when the property already has onsite generation such as solar PV. Also, domestic energy storage helps to maximise the use of clean energy, increase the use of self-consumption of the existing PV system, and reduce reliance on gas.

Reducing the battery storage VAT to zero would assist the government with their levelling up agenda and help with the current living and climate crises. CC Solar supports SEUK conclusion their letter by welcoming the opportunity to meet to discuss what it can do to help.