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Expert Solar PV and Battery Storage Solutions for your home and business

Solar Battery Storage

Embrace the Future with Battery Storage Systems!

Now with Zero VAT!

In an era where sustainable energy solutions are not just preferred but necessary, our battery storage systems stand at the forefront of eco-friendly innovation. By choosing a retrofit battery-only system, you’re not just investing in energy efficiency; you’re stepping into a world of cost-saving and environmental benefits.
These systems store excess energy generated during peak solar hours, ensuring that you have a reliable power supply, even during outages or low production periods. 
This means you can enjoy uninterrupted power, reduced dependency on the grid, and significant savings on your electricity bills. Plus, starting February, the government has made this green choice even more rewarding by applying zero VAT on battery-only systems. This initiative not only makes these systems more affordable but also underscores their importance in our collective shift towards sustainable living. Invest in a battery storage system today and join the movement towards a cleaner, more self-sufficient future.

Our most popular A/C coupled system

Fox ESS 3.7kW AC Charger Inverter with ECS2900 (A) Battery stack of 2 (5.76kWh)

Fully fitted with no VAT: £3,350.00

Plug up to six extra batteries – each battery: £950

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