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Expert Solar PV and Battery Storage Solutions for your home and business

Commercial EV Charging

Cost effective energy storage has finally arrived, bringing all businesses the opportunity to:
Store electricity from solar panels: if you have a solar system, store excess solar for later use rather than export it to the grid;
Reduce peak electricity costs by reducing ‘time-of-use’ surcharges such as TRIAD charges (TNUoS) and DUoS;
Earn income by providing support services such as firm frequency regulation and capacity market payments to the National Grid*;
Install a reliable commercial UPS battery back-up (replacing environmentally unfriendly diesel generators);
Avoid the need for costly grid upgrades e.g. to support EV charger roll-out;
Reduce carbon footprint by reducing transmission losses (when used with on site generation) and making the grid greener by eliminating the need for further investment in fossil fuel generation.
The typical payback time for a commercial battery storage system is around 5 years, with IRR% over 15 years running at 5% – 20%.

Battery Storage
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