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Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular servicing and cleaning of your solar system can increase output by up to 12%.

And by regular, we only mean once every 2 years…

Why service your system?

All electrical systems should be inspected and tested periodically, and solar PV and battery storage systems are no different.  
Here are the key reasons to service your system:
  1. Maintain optimal system performance.
  2. Achieve anticipated financial returns.
  3. Avoid fire risks.
  4. Ensure effective earthing.
  5. Check for damage to cable and connectors.

Cleaning your solar panels, using filtered or de-ionised water

On a sloping array panels will be cleaned by the rain as the glass on the panels is self-cleaning. However, if your panels are in an area of high debris or pollution, or if they are installed on a flat roof, we recommend the panels should be manually cleaned every year or every two years.
Where possible we will clean the panels from the ground using a low-pressure washer and a long lance. In some cases we will use the harness lines already in place on the roof. In other cases we will use a cherry picker.
A study by Google on their system in California suggested that it’s worth cleaning flat roof panels at least once a year at the end of winter; they claim the yield on their flat roof system in particular increased by 36%. 
We offer module cleaning; our prices start from £100 incl VAT for a single inverter system up to 4kWp.
 Servicing packages
In addition to one off servicing and / or cleaning, we offer the following packages with a 2-5 year term: 

Panel Cleaning OnlyElectrical Service Only
Panel cleaning every two years. Where possible we will clean the panels from the ground using a low-pressure washer and a long lance. In a small number of cases we may need to use a cherry picker.
Site inspection and testing every two years
Visual inspection from ground level of modules, mounting system, DC cable
Inspection and testing of inverters
AC electrical testing of solar PV circuit
String voltage checks
Inspection of protection devices
Inspection of accessible connections
Full written report
Cost per month (inc VAT)From £5From £8
Cost per year (inc VAT)From £60From £96

Areas we cover

For servicing and EV charging, we work within a 20 mile radius of Littlehampton, West Sussex
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